BPM & Workflow

Processes are at the heart of every business. They dictate the results that are produced, the effectiveness of the staff involved and ultimately the profitability of the business itself. Traditionally, process management has involved a few good people supported by some basic printed documentation. But how effective are those ‘old ways’ in today’s rapidly changing world?

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Active Workflow

Now you truly can have your finger on the pulse of your business. Always having an instant snapshot of real-time key business information live at your fingertips is vital to any organisation striving for improved and streamlined business processes. The Greentree Workflow Desktop module provides countless dynamic desktop views with information updated to all relevant desktops across the organisation instantaneously.

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Key benefits

  •   Immediate Access to Key Indicators
  •   Advanced Workflow Management
  •   Workflow Desktop
  •   3D Live gives visibility of all your and your team’s activities
  •   3D Live gives complete view, reducing need to search for information

Approvals & Alerts

Increase the day-to-day productivity of your business. Greentree’s Approvals and Alerts can help automate the daily processes in your business using specifically designed workflow tools that allow your organisation to ensure critical transactions, documents, or records are monitored and approved through the appropriate chain of command - automatically.

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Key benefits

  •   Integration
  •   Multiple approvals
  •   Group approvals
  •   Sequential & non-sequential workflows
  •   Controlled authorisation

Business Process Management

Greentree’s BPM is one of the key weapons to truly drive exceptional business performance and increased business returns in a mid-sized organisation. Historically many new technologies have failed to deliver significant benefits to mid-sized companies as they have often been expensive to purchase and maintain, inflexible and difficult to implement, resulting in a questionable ROI.

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Key benefits

  •   Consistent delivery across the business
  •   Collaboration across departments
  •   Proactive stakeholder communication
  •   A focus on critical business
  •   Elimination of damaging human error

Data Import Manager

Traditionally data file importing from disparate or legacy systems has proved a headache for managers with time consuming running and rerunning of scheduled imports, errors and limited ability to manipulate data. Greentree has an intelligent interface tool that allows for fail-safe data integration and consolidation.

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Key benefits

  •   Enhanced import capability
  •   Improved productivity
  •   Import integrity
  •   Customised import function
  •   Automated email notification


Is your organisation buried under a pile of paperwork? Document management is an essential function of any business and paper-intensive businesses frequently face significant cost and security issues in relation to inefficient document management processes. Electronic document management eliminates associated storage and access costs and ensures vital documentation is stored in a secure environment.

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Key benefits

  •   Secure Storage of Documents
  •   Easy Access to Archive Documents
  •   Improved Productivity
  •   Reduce Storage and Filing Space
  •   Reduce Costs

We’re excited about the opportunities that are being revealed daily – previously, these weren’t open to us so with no constraints, we now have the tools to evolve into a product-based organisation with Greentree.

Michael O’Connor
The Davey Group

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