Technology & Platforms

Greentree has an outstanding track record of using the best technologies to produce solutions that are fundamental to business performance and truly deliver long-term benefits.

Greentree API

Effortlessly exchange information between Greentree and other software applications and devices. Greentree’s API connection engine enables data to flow both ways, enabling all your applications to effectively ‘communicate’ with Greentree.

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Key benefits

  •   Easily connect to other applications
  •   Enables data to flow both ways (RESTful)
  •   Greatly reduces the configuration required


Ever wondered what it would be like to always have access to the latest and greatest business software at low cost and minimal impact; to be able to effectively match latest business practice and technology to help optimise all activity across your organisation?

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Key benefits

  •   Updates can be done as soon as they’re available
  •   Lower ongoing updates & maintenance costs
  •   Upgrades are simple and unobtrusive
  •   All users are automatically upgraded
  •   Customisations can be seamlessly included

Greentree Secure

It’s easy to get caught up with all the clever things that are happening in business computing, but you also have to cover the fundamentals – like operational security.

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Key benefits

  •   Multi-choice backup & recovery options
  •   Full electronic trading protection
  •   Downtime is minimised
  •   Peace of mind


A key element of Greentree’s robustness and flexibility is its close relationship with other technology providers. Their architecture and platforms help to make Greentree a world leader in ERP software, able to meet the ever-changing needs of medium-sized businesses, whatever they do.

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“Greentree provides information that enables us to make better decisions every day.”

Bruce Rayment
Halifax Vogel Group

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What does business success look like? A Greentree customer.

Medical Council

Medical Council NZ

The Medical Council of NZ recommends Greentree for other professional bodies: “It can do everything you want.”

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Oxfam Shop

Oxfam Shop

Big chain stores stocking fair trade goods demanded e-commerce, so Oxfam Shop chose Greentree.

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Tv3 Newsman


Data entry backlogs are history for this broadcaster; Greentree easily handles transactions across multiple offices.

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Fire Fighting Pacific

Fire Fighting Pacific

Job Costing is FFP’s lifeblood and Greentree ensures that all costs are captured, even by technicians in the field.

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