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As a non profit organisation, you work in a world where every cent has to be accounted for. You need to have a business system that minimises administration costs and ensures that every part of your business is being optimised. Choosing the right non profit management software is critical; you are spending hard-raised funds and you’ll only get to do it once. Greentree’s visionary approach to managing the complexities a not-for-profit business has been widely embraced by not-for-profits around the globe – check out these ERP case studies, our customers tell their story much better than we do.

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Oxfam Shop Logo

Oxfam Shop

Big chain stores stocking fair trade goods demanded e-commerce, so Oxfam Shop chose Greentree.

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Compass Housing Logo

Compass Housing

Greentree provides Compass Housing Services with a total business software package for asset & tenancy management.

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Fsg Australia Logo

FSG Australia

Big changes in funding for community care led FSG to seek the flexibility and surety that Greentree offers.

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Wsx Logo

WSX Enterprise

Greentree got the nod due to its ease of navigation, reporting capabilities and ability to connect seamlessly with Excel.

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The Florey Logo 175

The Florey

The Florey says Greentree will free its scientists from drudgery, to concentrate on vital medical research.

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Community Housing Logo

Community Housing Ltd

Community Housing Ltd has grown to a nationwide service, supported by its Greentree system.

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Future Directions Logo 175

Future Directions

Cloud-hosted Greentree chosen as a firm foundation for not-for-profit community-based support services.

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Concern Universal Logo

Concern Universal

Greentree tackles the tough business problems, so that this international not-for-profit can get on with its core work.

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Yarra Housing Logo

Yarra Community Housing

With Greentree business solutions, Yarra Community Housing has vital, accurate data at its fingertips.

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Sisters Of Mercy Logo

Institute of Sisters of Mercy of Australia and PNG

Sisters of Mercy are confident in Greentree and can instead "concentrate on making our data work for us."

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Community Based Support Logo

Community Based Support

This not-for-profit has comprehensive and immediate control over costs and revenue, thanks to Greentree.

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First Non Profit Group Logo

First Nonprofit

Based in Chicago, First Nonprofit has reduced work effort for renewals from 6 work weeks to 4 work days.

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Workventures Logo Greentree 175


WorkVentures chooses Greentree to ensure it keeps delivering work skills to the disadvantaged.

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Tear Fund Logo

Tear Fund

Greentree means this not-for-profit can ensure that people’s donations are always going to the right place.

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Cord Logo


Greentree’s valuable insights into donations enable this charity to make its campaigns even more successful.

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Carers Logo

Carers ACT

Greentree consolidated many disparate systems, so this not-for-profit always has the data to support funding applications.

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Logo Regional Housing

Regional Housing Limited

Regional Housing Limited’s ERP software choice adds to a growing list in the social housing sector.

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Epic Logo

Epic Employment Service

Supporting job seekers is a fiddly task; Greentree helps by handling hundreds of expenses payments quickly and reliably.

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Sunbury Community Health Logo

Sunbury Community Health

Greentree’s efficiency and flexibility ensure Sunbury Community Health is equipped for a busy future full of change.

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Gs1 Logo

GS1 New Zealand

Opting for Microsoft would have been twice as expensive and wouldn’t have delivered what Greentree is.

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Lutheran Education Logo

Lutheran Education

Financial reconciliation is now a breeze for this not-for-profit, which says Greentree is "a lifesaver for us".

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Envite Logo


Greentree gives this not-for-profit strong business management in tracking its environmental projects.

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Rocky Bay Logo

Rocky Bay

Greentree's track record in the not-for-profit sector is fully endorsed by Rocky Bay: "It's been an absolute boon for us".

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Southern Cross Healthcare Logo

Southern Cross Care

Another cash-conscious not-for-profit praises Greentree's flexible and accurate reporting capabilities: "It's great!"

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Taikura Trust Logo

Taikura Trust

This not-for-profit can now produce funding reports to government in minutes instead of hours, thanks to Greentree.

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Humanitarian Development Concern Universal
Concern Universal

“We needed pro-active visibility from the source, so that data could be entered into a live database that everyone could access, wherever in the world they were, and know that it was up-to-date information.”

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