Meet Our Management Team

The people who drive Greentree have between them accumulated hundreds of years of experience in business and computer technology. They share an obsession with all facets of business processes, and ways to make them function more smoothly, so businesspeople can spend less time pushing paper and more time thinking of ways to become more profitable. These are some of our people, and their stories.

Greentree WE3

"Technology changes rapidly; dramatically, who knows what it will be like in 10 years' time? But whatever happens, Greentree will be there."

Peter Dickinson
Greentree International

Graham Hill

Graham Hill - Channels Director

(20 years business & technology, 25-plus years shooting hoops)

Graham is the vital connection between Greentree's partners and customers. More than 40% of our revenue goes into research and development - on business software tools, not fancy toys. Our reinvestment is huge because the landscape is always changing, and bringing in the revenue to finance that reinvestment is Graham's primary role.

"To be blunt, my job is to feed the machine, grease the wheels, get the money through the door," he says.

When he's not toiling on our behalf, Graham is a keen sportsman - he sits on the board of Auckland Basketball.

His business philosophy is simple: "to have fun engaging with people while shooting the winning baskets".

Cameron Hallmark

Cameron Hallmark - Chief Product Officer

(20-plus years in ERP, forever loving the Hawks)

Cameron has worked closely with hundreds of businesses across many different industry sectors in the UK, USA and Australia. He knows what makes them tick well, and brings this deep understanding to ensuring that Greentree's products deliver the best solutions.

He does this by always keeping in the back of his mind three key questions: "Is it a good thing? Are people going to use it? What does it need to do?"

Despite his "galactic" work experience, Cameron is a Melbourne boy from head to toe. His two obsessions outside of work are his home team (Jane, Michael and Lauren) and his Aussie Rules football team, Hawthorn ("'Fan' is not a strong enough term - I'm a fanatic!").

Diego Abrianos

Diego Abrianos - Software Development Manager

(15+ years in Enterprise technology)

In joining Greentree’s R&D management team, Diego takes primary responsibility for the ongoing roll out of Greentree4 and its new browser-based, mobile capability.

Hailing from Brazil, Diego is fluent in Portuguese and English and admits to a workable knowledge of Spanish. Sporting a range of degrees including an MBA in People Management, Postgraduate Diploma in WEB and Information Systems and Bachelor in Computer Science he also is a certified scrum master and has completed some diverse and interesting courses including “O.O. Analysis, UML and Rational Rose” through to “Managing and Developing Star Technologists”. “Having solid skills on technology, process and people is the essential tripod to successfully drive software delivery…have made that my professional motto.”

Having spent eight years working for HP in Brazil, Diego made a considerable contribution to that organisation in his time including leading the implementation of a range of software related practices across the organization and contributing to the development of 15+ releases of mission critical HP products. Since arriving in New Zealand in 2011 he has taken leading technology development roles with Turners Auctions and fleet solutions company, Imarda.

When not working, Diego loves to travel and getting to know different people and cultures as well as enjoying time with family. Just as he enjoys rolling up his sleeves in the office, you’re also more likely to find him on the sports field or up a mountain as opposed to standing on the side line watching others do it. “Love the thrill of exploring new places and of challenging my own limits and fears.”

Jane Smallfield Marketing Manager

Jane Smallfield - Marketing Manager

(25+ years in marketing, sport and cuisine)

She came to Greentree from her role as founder of Proxi, which specialises in developing marketing strategies for growing businesses. She’s also a former President and Executive Board Member of the NZ Software Association, ex-General Manager of IT consulting firm Clarus, and was an account director at SwayTech, a supplier of marketing services to ANZ technology companies.

People who’ve worked with Jane testify to her wide-ranging communication skills, attention to detail and clarity of vision. Suffice to say, Greentree has had its eye on Jane for a while and we’re delighted to have her on board.

“Focus local but think global” is Jane’s marketing philosophy. “What attracted me to Greentree was its desire to be different, demanding worldwide attention. It’s prepared to take risks, but also has a strong sense of community

“If Greentree has been based anywhere else in the world, it would be considered a success story, but coming from New Zealand it is truly remarkable, so being part of that is an opportunity you can’t turn down.”

Outside of work, Jane is a sports enthusiast, supporting her three daughters on the sidelines at netball, soccer and water polo. She’s also a netball umpire. She and husband Graeme grow, harvest and bottle olives from trees at home, and both are enthusiastic cooks. They have two grandchildren.

“I’m excited to be leading Greentree's global marketing programme and to be part of such an innovative, creative and talented team,” she says.

Allistar Melville


(20 years technology, 15 years an Easy Rider)

As Greentree's Chief Architect, Allistar connects all the technology dots, driving our development team as it strives to make the complex simple.

The software world is an ever-changing minefield, but to Allistar it's more like a playground. He's serious about playing too - often in the saddle of a motorbike.

The technology behind Greentree is complex, but when it reaches the user it is always praised for its simplicity - not just because it eases the burden of difficult or repetitive tasks, but because it is easy to maintain, adapt or expand.

Achieving those goals is Allistar's job. Businesses often demand solutions to intricate problems, so he generally ponders: "How can I build a little engine that will do all those things generically?"

"My core philosophy is that if it's worth doing, it's worth doing right," he says. "Anything less is a disservice to myself personally and to the organisations I provide services to."


And in the United Kingdom: 


Harry Mowat


(20 years software, 12 years business software, 40 years mad on cars)

Harry's outstanding track record in developing partner networks across Europe, the Middle East and Africa made him the perfect fit when Greentree went looking for someone to run its UK office. The British market is a tough environment, but Harry is quite at home in the Land of the Giants.

"Every partner is different, but having managed relationships with the likes of IBM, down to the smallest of resellers, it all comes down to two things: having a great product to sell and nurturing a close relationship with your partners, based on trust, friendship and team work," he says.

"At last in my career I have found both - A great product in Greentree and some very focused and very successful partners to work with, many of whom I consider to be great friends."

For recreation, Harry turns into a petrol-head. He's nuts about cars and motor racing.


“It’s amazing to think there’s a company like Greentree, on the other side of the world, thinking light years ahead of what businesses might need in the future.”

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