Managing manufacturing is a challenge; predicting demand, correctly analysing material and resource requirements, production planning and ensuring quality output all form part of a manufacturing business’s essential activities. Even small errors can have damaging downstream consequences in terms of productivity, quality, sales and ultimately profitability.

Bill of Materials

The Bill of Materials module allows you to define exactly what and how many parts, components or materials are required to complete a production run. Basically, it’s a manufacturing recipe and instructions about what to use, how long it will take, and how much it will cost in order to produce your product and is a critical component in the manufacturing process.

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Key benefits

  •   Flexible multi-level BOM configurations
  •   Visibility and management of costs and processes
  •   Real time updates to physical and financial inventory status
  •   Wide range of configurable reports for decision making
  •   Visual production planning board avoids surprises, provides flexibility and very nimble production

Factory Orders

The ability to respond quickly to customer requirements is key in today’s market. Greentree Factory Orders is a key component in our Manufacturing suite which allows you to easily and accurately manage the assembly of products for make to order and make to stock manufacturing requirements, ensuring you know exactly what materials are required, at what cost, providing responsive customer delivery at appropriate pricing and profit margins.

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Key benefits

  •   Visibility and management of costs and processes
  •   Link Sales Orders to Factory Orders to service priority customers
  •   Optimise customer delivery with known lead times and route planning
  •   Real time updates to physical and financial inventory status

Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

Material Requirements Planning enables you to balance customer demand, accurately forecast requirements, plan production with pin-point accuracy, and make last minute changes to a scheduled production run - without compromising core process. Greentree’s MRP module is intricately integrated with Greentree’s Inventory Management and Forecasting modules to ensure your production engine is primed for business.

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Key benefits

  •   Plan production automatically and accurately
  •   Efficiently manage investment in expensive inventory
  •   Produce timely and competitively priced products
  •   Respond on the fly to production planning change requirements
  •   Automatically suggest and generate Factory & Purchase orders


The Forecasting module uses historical sales data, mathematical calculations and human intuition to forecast future inventory requirements. It allows for seasonal fluctuations and ensures that forecasting matches the natural curve of your business demand. You can make manual adjustments for unusual events or unexpected demand so you’re always on-track. Greentree makes this an easy-to-manage process; once the criteria is established the forecast is automatically generated for you.

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Key benefits

  •   Manage requirements and forecasts by selective categories (trees)
  •   Forecast accurately using historical & seasonal data
  •   Manual adjustments allow for unforeseen situations
  •   Utilise data from right across your organisation

Quality Control

Have you ever had to return an item to the manufacturer or retail outlet because it was faulty, damaged or outright broken? Irritating isn’t it? Most of us have had to do this at least once in our lives and the nuisance value of the whole process can’t be understated. Testing for quality assurance is an afterthought for some businesses or not part of the manufacturing process at all for others where the urgency to get products out the door takes precedence. The outcome becomes an exercise in false economics as the cost of having dissatisfied customers is considerable and over time will surely exceed the investment required for a robust Quality Control process.

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Key benefits

  •   Time saving & flexible test classifications
  •   Automatic tracking
  •   Undertake unusual testing
  •   Avoid expensive re-testing
  •   Increased quality

Greentree has proven to be an excellent choice for our manufacturing-based business, with noticeable efficiencies in the way we define our Bill of Materials and cost jobs.

Bryan Wentworth
Maskell Productions Ltd

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