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An outback hotelier takes the grand prize in Greentree GAME ON.


“The winner is a fantastic example of the mid-sized companies that are the heart of business on both sides of the Tasman.”

Peter Dickinson
Greentree International

“I’m over the moon,” said Garry Herbert, Chief Financial Officer for the Kimberley Accommodation Group, winner of the Australian prize. “It will be an absolutely huge weight off my shoulders.”

Kimberley Accommodation Group takes away a $250k Greentree software package, including implementation and two years of cloud hosting, having beaten 9 other finalists in putting their case for why the deserve the ultimate business painkiller and multivitamin.


It was Garry Herbert who put together Kimberley’s presentation for GAME ON, telling the sad story of a man without a life, working horrendous hours to keep the books straight and produce the reports.

The Kimberley region of Western Australia is a scenic wonderland of immense historic and ecological value. Kimberley Accommodation helps ensure that the thousands of tourists who flock there from May till August are bedded down, fed and watered. However, managing a business whose facilities are separated by hundreds of kilometres, is owned by a complex structure of family trusts, and which has significant downtime during the wet season, is no picnic – especially with antiquated accounting systems.

“I was told we’d won GAME ON as I was heading into a board meeting to present our quarterly financial results,” Garry says. “That report took me over 40 man-hours to produce. With Greentree I’ll be able to run that consolidated report straight from the system at the push of a button – that’s a week a month given back to me, straight away.”

“I fell in love with Kimberley’s story because it showed a pioneering spirit and a challenge to make the most out of a fairly difficult set of circumstances,” says GAME ON judge Chris Alp. “That’s a very Australian attitude.”

Kimberley’s implementation will be done by Perth-based Addax Business Solutions, which has 15 years of experience, and prides itself in “being proactive, innovative and flexible in creating genuine solutions”.

“Running GAME ON has been a joy because it gave us the opportunity to connect with real businesses that are inspiring in what they’re trying to achieve,” says Greentree’s CEO, Peter Dickinson. “The winner is a fantastic example of mid-sized companies that are the heart of business on both sides of the Tasman.”

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