Human Resources & Payroll

People form the true value of most businesses. The effective and comprehensive management of their competencies, knowledge and personal attributes can be complex and result in high administrative overheads. Mistakes or oversights can result in reduced productivity, less than optimal staff/management relationships or missed opportunities to enhance the effectiveness of existing talent. Businesses can find themselves also falling foul of employment legislation or with crippling retention issues and loss of skills.


A critical and challenging function for organisations of any size is running a prompt and accurate payroll. The flow-on effects of payroll errors can have a crippling influence on stability across the business.

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Key benefits

  •   Easy payroll processing
  •   Templates
  •   Extensive reporting
  •   Fully integrated
  •   Leave accruals

HR Management

Effective management of your organisation’s personnel begins with maintaining accurate and detailed records of their attributes and capabilities. Only then can Management obtain a clear picture of the human resources at their disposal and in turn, the organisation’s collective capacity. Greentree Human Resources Management (HRM) provides the tools to create a human resource information system that forms the basis of your organisation’s workforce planning and analysis.

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Key benefits

  •   Detailed employee information
  •   Job functions
  •   Curriculum Vitae
  •   Skill search
  •   Grievances


Successful organisations are a product of their people. It has long been understood that one’s “human capital” is the most significant component of almost all organisations. The Greentree Recruitment module manages the process of attracting, assessing and recruiting the best talent available, allowing you to maintain your competitive edge.

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Key benefits

  •   Integrated HRM suite
  •   Multiple uses
  •   Positions driven
  •   Maintain applicants database
  •   Flexible or consistent recruitment process

Employee Development

Do your employees know exactly how they fit into the big picture of your organisation. What are their goals? What are your goals? How can you manage employee development and skills gaps in your business strategically?

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Key benefits

  •   Schedule reviews for an employee
  •   Set and measure goals
  •   Formalise assessment criteria
  •   Define training needs
  •   Automate staff appraisals and development

Leave Planning

Effective leave planning is essential to the productivity of any business. Companies frequently rely on manual leave planning systems that fail to provide a reliable picture of staff leave. A measured, strategic approach is required to minimise the effect of leave on your organisation’s day-today operations.

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Key benefits

  •   Integrated to Payroll
  •   Automated leave request processing
  •   Real-time leave approvals
  •   Leave forecasting and analysis
  •   Highly visible leave planning board

Health & Safety

The benefits of maintaining a safe work environment are considerable for any organisation. From saving potential injury to staff, to cost and efficiency implications and government compliance, your company can improve its Occupational Health and Safety record significantly with effective management of this critical business activity.

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Key benefits

  •   Comprehensive incident maintenance
  •   Enhanced Government compliance
  •   Improved productivity
  •   Improved safety record
  •   Reduced OH&S costs


Your HR department should be engaged in strategic workforce planning and supporting business performance, not bogged down in HR transactions and queries. Accurate employee data and intelligent HR processes are crucial to the efficiency of day-to-day business operation. eHR lets remote staff and HR managers deal with routine HR requests expediently allowing management focus on the bigger picture.

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Key benefits

  •   On-line access to HR information
  •   Employee and management remote access
  •   Leave requests
  •   Approvals
  •   Employee choices

The reporting in Greentree has really helped the business provide timely and in-depth information. There is so much potential to use reports throughout the business and we are just starting to realise the benefits of having accurate information on-line.

Eric Gillott
Financial Accountant
A.S. Wilcox

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