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Hoge 100 combines first-class financial, business and software expertise with in-depth industry knowledge, delivering maximum value and a continual Return on Investment.

We have been developing business software here in the UK for around a quarter of a century and, cumulatively, our consultants have hundreds of years of experience of implementing systems throughout the UK. The expertise we've gained gives us an unbeatable ability to accurately assess your needs and deliver maximum impact with ease and confidence.

We believe that your business solution must be prepared for the future, as well as right for today. We design and write our own software as well as being a Greentree Partner, so we can continually meet your changing needs as well as those of your environment.

Our supportive consultants combine first-class financial, business and software expertise with in-depth industry knowledge to constantly improve and simplify your business processes so that your solution delivers maximum value and a continual return on investment.

Choosing your support is as important as choosing your system. We are passionate about support: we believe that we provide support that is second to none and we've won awards over the years for our customer service to prove it.

We are driven to deliver high impact, straightforward business solutions. We believe in sustainable business and demonstrate best practice.

We want to help you to make your business more competitive and successful. With Hoge 100, Greentree and you, we will be sure you've got the clarity you need to reach your business goals . We3: the power of three.

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IMS House
Prescott Drive
Contact: Stuart Wild
Phone: +44 (0) 1905 455 227

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