Financial Management

Effective business management has at its core proficient financial management. It’s vital to have the right tools to give you accurate, instant, reliable and error-free information to maximise the control you have over your business performance and results.

General Ledger

Accurate and timely information is critical in assisting your business to achieve its strategic goals - with a growing trend towards users reviewing key information daily rather than monthly, Greentree’s General Ledger forms the core of your financial management system. Also included with the General Ledger is F.R.E.E. - Greentree’s add-in Financial Reporting Engine in Microsoft Office Excel®. It provides direct connectivity with Excel, facilitating a powerful range of reporting and formatting tools.

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Key benefits

  •   Dynamic reporting structures
  •   Flexible accounting structure
  •   Account short codes
  •   Budget management
  •   Future & prior periods

Cash Management

Good cash management is a vital component to the success of any business. It is critical that the Financial Controller is in a position to determine the company’s actual liquidity at any point in time, and be able to forecast future cash flow based on good information and accurate data. Greentree’s Cash Management module offers you the tools to meet these requirements.

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Key benefits

  •   Internet Enabled
  •   Bank Account Management
  •   Cash Analysis & Budgeting
  •   Reconciliations

Accounts Payable

Control and monitor where your money is going and you can better control your future. This managerial accounting and information resource helps you meet today’s varied business challenges. By using Accounts Payable you can easily track what is owed to your suppliers and what your forward cash commitments for outstanding invoices and purchase orders are.

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Key benefits

  •   Tracking suppliers
  •   Withholding Tax, PPS, GST & VAT
  •   Easy payment selection
  •   Faster data entry
  •   Manage disputed transactions

Accounts Receivable

In today’s hectic business world, time is critical. Nowhere is this more important than in your company’s Accounts Receivable department - the nerve centre of your accounting operations - where a good portion of the information that can make or break your business is stored.

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Key benefits

  •   Tracking customers
  •   Manage overdue accounts easily
  •   Automated recurring invoices
  •   Multiple delivery addresses
  •   Sophisticated discount options

Fixed Assets

Managing assets, minimising tax and planning for future capital investments or disposals is made easy with Greentree’s Fixed Assets module. By knowing exactly where each of your assets are located and the exact value, you can more effectively plan your capital purchases and disposals.

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Key benefits

  •   Fully integrated operation
  •   Multiple depreciation methods
  •   On-line access to information
  •   Forecasting facility
  •   Asset groups

Consolidations & Translations

Making sense of International Financial Reporting is a challenge. The pressure resulting from regulatory requirements such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and IFRS creates a large burden for many organisations. These challenges can be relieved with the streamlined Greentree consolidations process providing a transparent and collaborative approach to producing accurate group reporting that is easily validated and shared across the business.

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Key benefits

  •   Multiple consolidation levels
  •   Improve reporting accuracy
  •   Eliminate conversion errors
  •   Centrally managed, collaborative processes
  •   Reduce the need for local accounting expertise


Every business looks for ways to save valuable time spent on repetitive yet essential administration tasks. At the push of a button Greentree’s eReporting provides the flexibility and ease of use to automatically send reports and business documents to staff, customers and suppliers via email, print or fax.

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Key benefits

  •   Vital functions at your fingertips
  •   Save time, money and paper
  •   Tailor to your customer or supplier needs
  •   Automatic remittances
  •   Company preferences for email


Accountants love Microsoft Excel, and many use this tool every day to format, plan, and manipulate information for a wide variety of business uses. Greentree’s Financial Reporting Engine in Excel, or F.R.E.E., allows you to use these skills to easily create dynamic financial reports, that reflect the current state of your business.

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Key benefits

  •   Live links to Greentree
  •   Harness the reporting power of ‘Trees’
  •   Flexible budgeting tools
  •   Not just reporting - updating too

Multi Currency

International price lists can be created and maintained in the currencies of your customers. Alternatively, overseas prices can be calculated during order or invoice entry, based on domestic prices and current exchange rates. International trading is made easy with Greentree’s multi-currency facility, supporting foreign currency General Ledger accounts as well as international bank accounts, assets tracked in a foreign value, foreign currency customers and suppliers and transactions. Your foreign exchange exposure may be reported via unrealised gains/losses reports at any time and realised variances are automatically calculated and tracked.

Reports and Documents

Manage all of your financial reports and documents from the one location. Greentree Reports and Documents lets you share information across your teams with built in alerts to tell you how many items are waiting to be read - including when documents have been changed or updated. It means you will never miss an important report, contract, agenda, update or any other record, again.

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Key benefits

  •   Manage, track and share reports & documents with ease
  •   Easy link to important documents anywhere within Greentree
  •   Access to financial reports from one secure location


Automate tedious manual processes; slash paperwork, save both time and money! Greentree4 eDocs lets you convert received documents into executable electronic files - including expenses management. It’s never been easier to code, approve and reconcile your accounts and other documentation.

“Ryman is a rapidly-growing business and eDocs has improved our workflow from the moment the invoice is received, to the time the supplier is approved, to paid.”

- Rebecca Payne, Accounts Payable Team Leader, Ryman Healthcare Ltd

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Key benefits

  •   Slashes processing time
  •   Faster coding than keying
  •   More accurate coding
  •   Paperless approval
  •   No-cost remote approval

Greentree was the best possible fit for our business based on price and functionality, and we can add modules as we grow. Apart from that, having all our business information in one accessible place just makes life so much easier.

Beth Borzi
Administration Manager
Airfirst Pty Ltd

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