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If you're looking for construction software the range of variables that come into play are incredible, as there’s nothing more certain in the construction and engineering business than uncertainty. Even the most simple construction or engineering project makes job costing, work flow management and financial modelling absolutely critical. Greentree is the solution of choice for those looking to make this very complex business, as simple as it can be. From managing your staff to ordering tea and coffee, Greentree delivers certainty in a world that is anything but.

Bgh Group Logo

BGH Group

This giant engineering firm chose Greentree to support growth moves into specialist and corporate sectors.

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Resolve Group

This transport planning specialist says Greentree is just the ticket for complex project requirements.

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C & D Productions

Oil rig specialist C & D Production says Greentree has halved auditing and reporting times and is boosting revenue.

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The Davey Group

Heavy machinery supplier The Davey Group says Greentree’s live cash flow management is the company’s backbone.

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John Hart Logo

John Hart Pty Ltd

Greentree’s multi-tiered job costing capability especially impressed this respected supplier of machine tools.

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This rapidly expanding company now has the business tools to better understand its growth potential.

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Crosby Tiles Logo

Crosby Tiles

Crosby Tiles imports most of its inventory, and its Greentree system manages numerous foreign currency transactions.

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Bronx Logo Greentree 175

Bronx Engineering

Greentree has delivered efficient job costing and financial analysis for this engineering firm.

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Logo Intermodal

Intermodal Terminal Services

The Managing Director already knew and loved Greentree, "so we didn't waste time looking at any other business systems".

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Machinery failure is very costly for this roads contractor, but Greentree ensures equipment is always properly maintained.

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Alimak Hek

Alimak Hek looked to Greentree for a “long-overdue overhaul”, bringing many disparate processes together.

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Sun Engineering Logo

Sun Engineering

Greentree instilled confident decision-making at Sun with its reporting capability, enabling the company to double in size.

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Duggans Logo

Duggans Pty Ltd

Concrete and quarry specialist Duggans says Greentree has what it takes to revolutionise its business policies and procedures.

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Palfinger Logo

Palfinger Australia

Large-volume transaction processing would be impossible for this crane specialist, without Greentree.

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Ewing Logo

Ewing Construction

Ewing credits Greentree with taking it “out of the Dark Ages into a modern, robust and very transparent environment”.

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William Loud Logo

William Loud (Aust) Pty Ltd

William Loud easily holds its own in cut-throat tendering battles for sports surfaces, thanks to Greentree.

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Project management and project programming specialist RCP chooses Greentree for best-in-class management.

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Maskell Productions Logo

Maskell Productions

Greentree’s dynamic integration automates processes and gives visibility of costs throughout the company.

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Lyttelton Engineering Logo

Lyttelton Engineering

Many business systems are weak on job costing, but Lyttelton Engineering finds Greentree outstanding.

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Comdain Greentree Case Study Logo 170

Comdain Infrastructure

Outstanding ERP builds Comdain’s reputation for efficiency and superior customer service.

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“The standout value of Greentree for us has to be tree analysis, which enables us to determine in fine detail, the financial impact of any given scenario on revenue, profits and cash flows. This analysis capability, complemented by Greentree’s Excel reporting, allows us to monitor in extreme detail the profitability of each set and subset of our business.”

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