SAAS with a Purpose

Greentree gives software-as-a-service flexibility that’s making businesses say “Wow!”
By Teresa Hooper - Jul 2012

Teresa Hooper

“Greentree’s flexibility means we’re able to cover businesses’ needs in a way you wouldn’t find in a normal SaaS system.”

Teresa Hooper

Today’s best business software doesn’t impose restrictions on the user. It should give them the functionality they want, delivered by whichever method they prefer.

Software as a service (SaaS) has created a host of different platform options for businesses, and has enabled Greentree partners to offer their customers a greater range of choices when it comes to service delivery.

But one Greentree partner has taken the SaaS model another step forward, creating what it calls “SaaS with a purpose” – and it’s a runaway success.

Australian-based bizlinkIT, a specialist in accountancy, developed an end-to-end service package 10 years ago specifically for the pharmacy industry. Many Australian pharmacies are small, independent concerns, and bizlinkIT’s SaaS platform, powered by Greentree, meant each business could have its own system without having to purchase its own computing infrastructure.

It enabled pharmacies to manage all the financial aspects of their business, and to get expert online financial advice from bizlinkIT as well. More than 300 pharmacy businesses across Australia have since signed up for the Pharmacy Services model, but bizlinkIT soon realised that it could work for other industries as well.


Uptake has been impressive; growth in demand for the service model has ballooned from 10% a year in its early days, to 30% in the last three years, and that trend is expected to continue, with bizlinkIT's SaaS model now being adopted by dentists, hotels, farms, and even property companies. Close to a thousand Australian businesses are now using it.

"Because Greentree is so flexible, we're able to manipulate it to make sure we're covering all their needs," says bizlinkIT partner Teresa Hooper, architect of the SaaS model. "You wouldn't typically find that in a normal SaaS system."

Douglas Pharmacy Group, is one of the larger groups utilising the system. Douglas has been a key element to rolling out bizlinkIT's innovative solutions for larger organisations, offering itself as a Beta tester. The success of the system earned bizlinkIT and Douglas Group a Customer Collaboration Award at the Greentree we3 Awards.

Lyn Guy, Group Accountant for Douglas Group, says the system is "brilliant", delivering KPI reports to pharmacists in plain language they can understand; plus the reports can be tailored for specific types of pharmacies. The online functionality has cut payroll processing time in half, as well as reducing errors in GST returns. End-of-month reports can be finalised in a matter of hours, as opposed to days.

"Through this system we're able to value-add in a very cost-effective manner because so much of the work is automated," Teresa says.

"It's interesting to note how much news coverage there is about SaaS today," she concludes. "We've effectively been providing it, with Greentree, for at least 10 years. It's not something new, as far as we're concerned."

To learn more about SaaS options, talk to bizlinkIT.

Amalgamated Pest Control1
Amalgamated Pest Control

“We just got to a stage where our old system was holding us back. The software was not keeping up with our level of growth and our GST needs.”

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