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For over 10 years, Perth-based Addax has been all about one thing – making business better – using Greentree to help streamline and automate the way our clients operate.

We chose Greentree because it’s adaptable - it grows with the business, and suits organisations in different industries - from small not-for-profits to international engineering companies.

We’re also resellers for AOD-Cloud Services, naturalForm and FlowCentric, but our value lies in the strategy and support we offer our clients. It’s about matching systems to the way they do business and then helping ensure they run smoothly.

Our pioneering thinking meant we were helping companies start operating in the cloud as early as 2004 – long before ‘cloud’ was even a term. Unlike some software resellers, we don’t just supply the product and move on. We help with implementation, train staff, and provide ongoing support as the business gets to know the new software.

We’re venturing into some new business areas, including MaaS - or management as a service. This will give clients access to Greentree ERP and all their information through the cloud, without the need for a huge investment in infrastructure. As always, it’s about looking for new ways to serve our clients and help them improve their businesses.

It’s important to us to establish strong relationships with our clients, so they can turn to us when they need help or support. We look forward to your call.

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1st Floor, Addax House
19 Wotan Street
Innaloo, WA 6018
Contact: Gary Wright
Phone: +61 8 9204 7100

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