About Us

Greentree has been building innovative business software for more than 25 years, and in doing so has built a global reputation for reliability, flexibility and cost-effectiveness. We pride ourselves on getting to know our customers, through our extensive business partner network, understanding their needs, and providing them with a solution that 99% of the time is available straight out of the box. As our customers get to know us through using our products, and develop a relationship with their Greentree partner, they realise that we’re in for the long haul, and many of them have become friends. This is our story, and these are the people behind it.

Bruce Rayment Hvg

“Greentree provides information that enables us to make better decisions every day.”

Bruce Rayment
Halifax Vogel Group

The Greentree Story

When Greentree started on its journey, people said we were crazy. We were told there was enough business software in the world to suit anyone’s needs. Thousands of successful installations later, we’d say they were wrong.
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Meet our Management Team

The people who drive Greentree have between them accumulated hundreds of years of experience in business and computer technology. They share an obsession with all facets of business processes, and ways to make them function more smoothly, so businesspeople can spend less time pushing paper and more time thinking of ways to become more profitable. These are some of our people, and their stories.
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Greentree Awards

Greentree, its partners and its customers have worked together, to produce another year of exceptional results. Whether it’s a partner whose name is a byword in innovation and reliability, a customer whose commitment and enthusiasm helped to produce a great implementation, or a consultant who consistently demonstrated their skill and experience, they all deserve a pat on the back. This is their moment in the spotlight.
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Greentree4Campus is our online learning centre. It is designed to inform, educate and train Greentree4 users on its new capabilities with a range of resources including videos and webinars. You are welcome to have a tour of the campus at any time - just jump in and take a look.
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Halifax Vogel Group

HVG’s Greentree system easily manages complex supply chain & CRM needs, while delivering tailored key information.

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