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If you're in the fast-paced wholesale distribution business, then you'll be looking for a wholesale software solution that can keep up. Greentree ERP Software is a proven performer with wholesale and distribution businesses globally. It has every aspect of your business covered and can clearly identify where you can maximise returns, in real time, from anywhere you operate. Don't limit your business - take a look at our ERP case studies to hear from Greentree customers that document exactly how they have saved on time and costs while increasing profits and putting their business in the fast-lane.

Interaust Foods Logo

Interaust Foods

Foodstuffs importer Interaust gets a bumper crop of benefits.

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Bgh Group Logo

BGH Group

BGH Group is already big, and its growth plans require a system that expands with it.

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Oxfam Shop Logo

Oxfam Shop

Oxfam Shop’s ERP system helps open up new sales channels.

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Irvine Logo

Irvine Flooring

Irvine gets an ERP system that walks the walk.

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Ivan Wood Logo

Ivan Wood and Sons

Greentree gives fruit & veg wholesaler Ivan Wood the tools for greater efficiency and further growth.

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Oppenheimer Logo


Greentree helps Oppenheimer’s plans to lead in a mushrooming consumer market.

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Acme Supplies Logo Greentree 175px

Acme Supplies

A new ERP system helps ACME Supplies to accelerate its customer service.

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Print Blocks Logo

Print Blocks

With several hundred stock items being updated each month, this entirely online business turned to Greentree’s WebStore and inventory management capability to streamline the web sales process. In less than 12 months, the company has achieved some significant efficiency gains.

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Alvin Electronics Logo

Alvin Electronics

For Melbourne-based Alvin Electronics, Greentree helps to maintain its competitive edge in a very tough market.

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Motorcorp Logo

Motorcorp Holdings

Mergers and Acquisitions are hardly unusual in business today, but how often does a retail dealership merge with the same wholesale dealership, remain competitive and deliver a higher level of customer service? On the face of it, many would suggest there have to be ‘casualties’ - but not so.

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Integrated Automation Logo

Integrated Automation

For Australian automation products supplier, Integrated Automation, the decision to adopt EDI didn’t so much arise from a set of problems, as present itself as an opportunity to improve.

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Hipp Logo


It was the ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ nature of hiPP.com.au’s software which management discovered was doing evil things to its cost overheads.

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As Wilcox Logo

A.S. Wilcox

Sustainable growth is the main driver for one of the largest privately owned fresh produce growers in New Zealand. A.S. Wilcox & Sons Limited required new business software to assist their business growth and the management of a production base of 2,500 acres and over 120 permanent staff.

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Parmco Logo


Parmco, a leading supplier of high-quality kitchen appliances, needed to create the platform to manage complex customer service demands in a rapidly expanding business.

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John Goss Projects Logo

John Goss Projects

If you lived in a tropics-like location within a short distance of Australia’s stunning Gold Coast where you could surf all day or just lie idly around on the beach, would you want to spend almost a week getting your end-of-month accounts out? Hardly!

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Hydroflow Logo


Distributing a wide range of valves, pipe fittings and plumbing hardware, Hydroflow has a presence throughout New Zealand. It has built an excellent reputation in water reticulation, backflow prevention and farm water solutions.

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Crosby Tiles Logo

Crosby Tiles

Crosby Tiles had a significant need for flexible unit-of-measure calculation within inventory management but the only offering that had all the angles covered was Greentree.

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Patton Refridgeration Logo

Patton Refrigeration

Established in 1923, Patton is a leading manufacturer and wholesaler of refrigeration, air conditioning and mechanical services products. With manufacturing facilities in New Zealand, Australia and Thailand, and sales and service representation throughout the Pacific and Asia, Patton also manages some complex inventory and distribution issues.

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Seeka Logo


Maintaining your competitive position as your industry’s largest supplier is not a situation that happens by accident or overnight. Ensuring your internal information systems and processes support and maintain that position is strategic, requiring a clear understanding of the competitive dynamics of your industry.

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Butch Logo

Butch Pet Foods

A new ERP system has taught New Zealand’s top pet food maker some new tricks.

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Griffiths Equipment Logo

Griffiths Equipment

Griffiths Equipment supplies major automotive and hardware outlets nationwide, including Repco, Supercheap Auto, Mitre 10, and Bunnings. On average, Griffiths’ warehouse picks 40,000 product lines a month, generating more than 5000 invoices. Griffiths had already benefited from Greentree’s ease of use, flexibility and drill-down features, which sped up the time for processing orders and provided greater visibility. However, errors in the picking of products were costing time and money.

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Mg Rover Nz Logo

MG Rover

It was announced that new importer MG Rover New Zealand, trading under licence of MG Rover Group Limited, would be launching vehicles into the New Zealand market.

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Border Express Logo

Border Express

Australian interstate transport and distribution services company Border Express had a paper-based system where invoices were sent around various departments for manual signoff. With no tools in place to keep track of what had been approved across the company’s 12 sites, matching purchase orders with invoices was an unnecessarily drawn-out process.

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Leckys Electrical Logo

Lecky's Electrical

Melbourne-based Lecky’s Electrical and Data has grown to become one of Australia's most successful electrical component wholesalers. Since 1990, the company has expanded to open a total of five Melbourne outlets, along with one in Albury in regional New South Wales. Lecky’s presently has a base of over 1,000 regular customers and to cater for their varying needs, Lecky’s stocks over 40,000 different inventory line items, a number which is growing exponentially.

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Kenneth Ayres Logo

Kenneth Ayres

For over 25 years, Kenneth Ayres Australia Pty Ltd has been a specialist and leader in the sale of retail presentation packaging and display supplies, focusing primarily on the jewellery industry.

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Leap Logo

Leap Australasia

When this NZ-headquartered water systems company launched its innovative polybutylene plumbing system into the Australian market, it leapfrogged its competitors by five years.

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Tata Plain Text Logo


Tata Ltd stuck to its guns, opting for a business system that was fully integrated, intuitive and user-friendly.

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Technika Logo


They say a happy user is the best salesperson. And after European appliance importer and distributor Technika installed Greentree earlier this year, financial controller Trevor Porter is a huge proponent of Greentree.

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Fire Fighting Pacific Logo

Fire Fighting Pacific

Management at Telarc ISO 9001-accredited Fire Fighting Pacific has a crystal clear view of business at the speed-of-business since Greentree was implemented.

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Mazda Logo

Mazda New Zealand

Mazda New Zealand and Greentree lead the way in auto parts management.

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Newfishing Logo


When they embarked on a major overhaul of their disparate systems, the main goal for Newfishing Pty Ltd and Austral Fisheries Pty Ltd was not trading integration for flexibility.

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Kerric Logo

Kerrick Industries

Innovative cleaning solutions company Kerrick Industries prides itself on fitting every customer’s needs, and Greentree ensures its customer service and warehousing are spotless.

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Ivoclar Vivadent Logo

Ivoclar Vivadent

Ivoclar Vivadent, a dentistry sales and marketing company, is familiar with precision ‘tools of the trade’. But with 18,000 stock codes to handle, it needed a very high-performing set of business tools itself.

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Eurotec Logo

Eurotec Ltd

Distributing 1,500 orders to over 500 customers per month, and managing 5,000 stock items from over 50 product suppliers in Europe, USA and Australia with a team of 20, is a complex business and requires a powerful accounting and business management suite to maintain a high level of efficiency and performance.

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Stahmann Farms Logo

Stahmann Farms

If your business has a manufacturing, processing or growing component to it, then the significance of Quality Control can never be underestimated. The cost consequences of a product recall and the associated loss of reputation in your market could be potentially disastrous.

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Palfinger Logo

Palfinger Australia

Greentree’s ability to update large volume price lists was the key driver in the decision to make the quantum leap from a manual to an automated environment for this well-known crane manufacturer.

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Parmco Cooking

“Parmco’s on-road sales staff have had their work revolutionised with Greentree WebView, which they can access from anywhere.”

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