Service & Asset Management

Whether your organisation is grappling with internal service and equipment maintenance demands, or with providing services that meet customer expectations, your business performance can be eroded by missed service calls, overlooked requests, late maintenance, unscheduled downtime, cost overruns and potentially unbilled service delivery. Eradicate these risks with Greentree’s Service and Asset Management suite: all the tools needed to maximise service levels provided to internal or external ’customers’ and to effectively manage the diverse needs of plant and equipment maintenance. Greentree is a complete ERP solution which means all processes are automatically integrated with your other Greentree business functions such as purchasing, inventory, fixed assets and occupational health and safety.

Asset Management

Effectively maintaining customer assets or systems in many or even remote locations, requires careful resource planning and effective IT systems. The Greentree Asset Management suite works in conjunction with the Greentree Customer Support suite of software to provide a range of options for organisations of any size.

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Key benefits

  •   Effective asset management
  •   Easy to manage multiple asset locations
  •   Track all asset events
  •   Asset classification
  •   Scheduled maintenance

Customer Service

Providing excellent service, while managing problems and ensuring solutions are provided in an effective and timely manner is a critical process that requires careful resource planning and effective IT systems. The Greentree Customer Service suite is ideal for providing solutions to these issues, with a proven methodology and highly effective approach for organisations of any size.

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Key benefits

  •   Manage your help desk more effectively
  •   Escalate customer support calls to field service requests
  •   Provide rapid answers
  •   Service levels agreements
  •   Flexible contract types

Contracts & Service Level Agreements

The Contracts & Service Level Agreements module allows specific customer support or maintenance contracts to be defined and managed. This includes the products they cover, the contract period and the cost per contract period. Parent/Child contracts are supported for more complex organisations with either multiple contracts or multiple sites.

Greentree’s flexible, integrated and ‘live’ environment has drastically reduced the amount of time I previously spent gathering information and preparing it for analysis. Now, it’s at my fingertips and I spend more time progressively analysing it for strategic insights.

Rachel Robinson
Financial Controller
Keraplast Manufacturing

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