Technology Partners

A key element of Greentree’s robustness and flexibility is its close relationship with other technology providers. Their architecture and platforms help to make Greentree a world leader in ERP software, able to meet the ever-changing needs of medium-sized businesses, whatever they do.


“We’ve got economies of scale thanks to Greentree. When we merge a new company we don’t have to take over their back office. One plus one doesn’t equal two.”

Rodney Scott
Chief Financial Officer
ISS New Zealand


As a Microsoft partner, Greentree works closely with Microsoft’s technologies, and can be delivered on the Windows Server and Desktop operating systems, and on the Windows Mobile. Greentree also has very strong integration with Microsoft Office (Excel, Word and Outlook), and with Microsoft Project.

Jade Software Corporation Ltd

Greentree is the engine room of business, and Jade is the technology engine that enables us to do the clever things we do.

Jade is a highly resilient technology, powered by an industrial strength database with loads of smarts. Its unique storage technology boasts advanced caching, distributed processing and natural storage of media-rich application objects, and its rapid development environment also allows Greentree to get new capabilities quickly to its customers.

Jade’s enterprise-level full rollback, crash and archival recovery powers Greentree Secure, providing both point-in-time or hot switch system recovery.


Greentree IQ, powered by world-leading business intelligence software QlikView, empowers you by giving you snapshots of your business’s performance, as and when you need them. The fully customisable dashboard and scorecard visual presentation enable you to drill down and build a total view, and perform detailed critical analysis of key business indicators. In the mid-market sector, QlikView is the fastest growing business intelligence product.


Sencha provides open-source web application frameworks and tools to major enterprises and independent developers, enabling the building of multi-platform, multi-device business applications.


Greentree is a business partner with IBM, a world-leading provider of business computer systems. IBM servers are used by Greentree’s development team.


Greentree is an authorised application partner with Motorola, one of the world’s biggest developers of mobile computing solutions. Motorola products are used to test Greentree’s mobile applications.

AOD cloud Solutions

AOD is Greentree’s specialist Cloud services provider. The name stands for “Applications on Demand”, and its job is to deliver mission-critical, high-performance enterprise applications. As a result, ‘AOD Greentree’ is super-fast, reliable, and geared for serious business usage. Read more

Paramount Services1
Paramount Services

A Greentree system works as a quality stamp for Paramount Services when tendering for contracts, as well as facilitating growth for the fast-expanding business.

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