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In life sciences, your job is to put the world under a microscope. It is quite natural you are going to want to do the same when choosing ERP software. This need for detailed information is, however, matched with little patience for paperwork or to be second guessing whether the data being presented is accurate or not. Few systems offer the surety that Greentree does in managing business processes with the degree of accuracy and reliability that those in the Life Science industry demand.

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Planet Innovation

Planet Innovation is growing rapidly, and wants a business system that keeps pace.

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RJ Hill Laboratories

The team at RJ Hill Laboratories Ltd works in modern, ergonomically designed laboratory space using state-of-the-art analytical technology. It maintains very high quality standards, and adhered to these principles when looking for a new business system to provide greater control and visibility for its business.

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Greentree assists Biogen to provide a major stream of renewable energy.

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RJ Hill Laboratories

“Our team now has a better feel of what they are ordering and the management is more aware of ordering levels and costs. We have reduced the restocking fees, as we have been able to eliminate errors.”

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