Greentree ERP Software: One platform, 10,000+ customers

Who uses Greentree? You’d be amazed. Even though it’s a fully integrated product that’s 99% out of the box, you can’t box it in when it comes to the industries it serves. Because Greentree’s ERP software is so highly configurable, it ticks all the boxes for just about any industry you can name.

Take a look at these customer stories from a selection of the industry sectors that we cover. If you can’t find a case study that addresses your business issues, it just means we haven’t the time to write it yet. Please let us know and we’ll get your questions answered. Then, who knows? Maybe one day we’ll be telling your story!

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Tv3 Newsman

“Everything around TV is go, go, go. So you need to have your finger on the pulse when it comes to costs. Greentree enables us to give quick responses when a producer wants to do something: here’s a report that’s up to date to the last payroll, that’s where your costs sit, you’ve got your budget – away you go.”

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