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Greentree to the rescue

Tasmania-based Parr Air Conditioning’s choice of Greentree as its new business system helped to get the company’s performance back on track.

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Suite Wheel Homepage AbGreentree’s business software is today’s ultimate painkiller and multivitamin.

We are unashamed technology and business buffs with one obsession: building the best business software. Imagine all your staff having the operational intelligence at their fingertips to perform at their best. Picture how automating many regular processes will free up your talented people to spend more time developing new ideas and making better decisions.

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Greentree is more than its products; it’s about the extraordinary collaboration that drives everything we do. Our partners are specialists in technology and business, listening and delivering. Businesses that use Greentree are looking to work smarter and perform better. We all drive each other: this is we3.


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Imagine a workplace desktop that doesn’t just make information available, but anticipates what the user wants to see.

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