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Tennessee Health Management

Tennessee Health Management is delighted by Greentree’s capabilities.

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Medical Council NZ

New Zealand’s medical regulator is fit and healthy, with Greentree’s help.

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Water treatment specialist Tandex depends on Greentree to manage vital service checks.

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Rocky Bay

Founded in 1938, Rocky Bay provides Clinical, Employment, Work Alternatives and Accommodation Services for over 1,000 children and adults with disabilities. As a large and long-established non-profit organisation, Rocky Bay has a responsibility to provide its stakeholders, the State and Federal governments and numerous fundraising groups, with accurate and timely information.

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Institute of Sisters of Mercy of Australia and PNG

They number over 1000 people and provide services to over half a million; they own or rent more than 900 properties in two countries; their Greentree system services some 30 sites. Who are they? An organisation driven not by profit, but by compassion, and a commitment to improving lives.

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Greentree was the software of choice for one of Australia’s Hospital Benefit Funds, GMHBA Limited, when it decided to upgrade its CBA Financial system. Streamlined reporting via the ‘impressive’ integration between Greentree and Excel made the decision to change reasonably easy.

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Ryman Healthcare

Ryman Healthcare is a publicly listed company that operates 24 retirement villages around New Zealand, with two more under construction and two others in the planning phase, and is soon to commence work on its first development in Australia. It was awarded Best Growth Strategy in the 2011 Management Magazine Top 200 Awards and is a consistently high performer on the NZ Stock Exchange.

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Southern Cross Healthcare

The evergrowing need to provide services and ‘a great place to live’ for ‘yesterday’s pioneers’ has seen Southern Cross Care become one of the largest aged care provider in Australia. In the last 10 years it has seen a 600% growth rate and each year builds 4-5 additional facilities.

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Carers ACT

For the 43,000 people in the ACT looking after a family member or friend with a chronic condition, a disability, a mental illness or who is ageing, reliable information about services to support their caring role is vital.

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Ivoclar Vivadent

Ivoclar Vivadent, a dentistry sales and marketing company, is familiar with precision ‘tools of the trade’. But with 18,000 stock codes to handle, it needed a very high-performing set of business tools itself.

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Epic Employment Service

A leading source of support for job seekers believes its client service sets it apart – and its ERP system is crucial to that quality of service.

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Community Based Support

An interdependent community where all people can participate to their potential and achieve maximum control of their lives is the vision of Community Based Support South Inc (CBS), which provides in-home and community-based personal support and respite care for frail older people, people with a disability and their carers in Southern Tasmania.

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Ivoclar Vivadent

“Most staff need little training to use Greentree IQ*; it’s a familiar Windows-based environment.”

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