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If you're in a service based industry you're going to have high expectations of the ERP software you choose to manage your business - not only are you absolutely dependent on its ability to deliver, but so are your customers. Greentree is proud to have not only met those expectations but exceeded them in any number of different ways. But we don't expect you to take our word for it. Just as your customers are your best critics, so are ours. Feel free to check out the ERP case studies below, then let us know if you have any questions.

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Matilda Equipment

Matilda Equipment’s ERP system helps to move mountains.

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Storage Batteries

Storage Battery Systems credits Greentree for lifting its game – and its profits.

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Ocean Integrated Services

Fast-growing Ocean Integrated Services Ltd’s Greentree system enables efficient service with that personal touch.

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Fire Fighting Pacific

Management at Telarc ISO 9001-accredited Fire Fighting Pacific has a crystal clear view of business at the speed-of-business since Greentree was implemented.

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Kerrick Industries

Innovative cleaning solutions company Kerrick Industries prides itself on fitting every customer’s needs, and Greentree ensures its customer service and warehousing are spotless.

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Paramount Services

A Greentree system works as a quality stamp for Paramount Services when tendering for contracts, as well as facilitating growth for the fast-expanding business.

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Beth Borzi, Administration Manager at Airfirst Pty Ltd, found salvation from the time-wasting inefficiency of disparate systems when Greentree eliminated the need for data re-entry.

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Evolution Security

Evolution provides peace of mind for big businesses and the military, while Greentree provides peace of mind in its business processes.

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Amalgamated Pest Control Logo

Amalgamated Pest Control

The largest Australian-owned pest control company, Amalgamated Pest Control Pty Ltd (APC) has decided Greentree is the software that will support its business growth. APC had used Attaché Business Software, tier 3 software, for over 13 years.

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By merging numerous payroll systems into one, and automating processes, a Greentree solution helps ISS save four full-time data entry positions a week.

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Irish compliance specialists QUMAS needed serious transactions management, and only Greentree had the built-in capability to make this happen.

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Eastern Tree Services Logo

Eastern Tree Service

When Cyclone Yasi swept through Queensland in February 2011, Eastern Tree Service’s crews spent two months working to clear away the debris. So-called ‘hazard work’ is just one of the services this company provides.

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United Cleaning Logo

United Cleaning Services

United Cleaning Services upgraded from CBA to Greentree and is now seeing significant efficiency gains across the business.

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Tata Ltd stuck to its guns, opting for a business system that was fully integrated, intuitive and user-friendly.

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“Greentree was the best possible fit for our business based on price and functionality, and we can add modules as we grow. Apart from that, having all our business information in one accessible place just makes life so much easier.”

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