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Those ordering food industry software like to make their own menu choices; whether it's choosing what appears on a table or what they can see in their business reports. Too many ERP systems don’t offer the flexibility and ability to customise that Greentree does, so when it comes slicing, dicing and filtering data right across your business Greentree is a clear winner. It also comes to the party in managing highly complex supply chains in a rapidly changing environment.

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Interaust Foods

Foodstuffs importer Interaust gets a bumper crop of benefits.

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Ivan Wood and Sons

Greentree gives fruit & veg wholesaler Ivan Wood the tools for greater efficiency and further growth.

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A.S. Wilcox

Sustainable growth is the main driver for one of the largest privately owned fresh produce growers in New Zealand. A.S. Wilcox & Sons Limited required new business software to assist their business growth and the management of a production base of 2,500 acres and over 120 permanent staff.

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Maria's Pasta

The growth of pasta manufacturer, Maria’s Pasta, has been fast and constant over the last 20 years. Since 1989 Maria’s Pasta had relied on CBA to manage the financial and distribution data, but its growth dictated the need for a new system.

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Greentree helps Oppenheimer’s plans to lead in a mushrooming consumer market.

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Stahmann Farms

If your business has a manufacturing, processing or growing component to it, then the significance of Quality Control can never be underestimated. The cost consequences of a product recall and the associated loss of reputation in your market could be potentially disastrous.

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Whilst the ‘live’ cultures in yogurt go in to battle for healthy inner-space, Greentree IQ (powered by QlikView) analyses ‘live’ data for smarter mind-space.

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Maintaining your competitive position as your industry’s largest supplier is not a situation that happens by accident or overnight. Ensuring your internal information systems and processes support and maintain that position is strategic, requiring a clear understanding of the competitive dynamics of your industry.

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When they embarked on a major overhaul of their disparate systems, the main goal for Newfishing Pty Ltd and Austral Fisheries Pty Ltd was not trading integration for flexibility.

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“Greentree allowed us to work altogether more effectively and therefore more efficiently with much smarter data – no more double entry and there’s so much more we can do.”

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