Customer Relationship Management

At the core of every business are the relationships between the organisation and its customers. When these are poorly managed your brand is damaged, you lose sales and miss new business opportunities.


Greentree4Sales lets you take the power of what you can do at your desk with you everywhere. Fully enabled for desktop, laptop and tablet, Greentree4Sales supports the entire sales process. Its pre-configured Workspace ensures the information a sales team needs is right there. 

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Key benefits

  •   Works on desktop, laptop or tablet
  •   User-friendly work space
  •   Comprehensive functionality
  •   Simple display of key data
  •   Tailored to the way you work

Contacts & Relationships

As organisations constantly look for competitive advantages in today’s rapidly changing business world, managing your customers, suppliers, sales and service processes effectively has become essential. Greentree’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) suite provides a powerful base that allows you to define the organisations your business comes into contact with, and take a holistic view of your relationship with them.

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Key benefits

  •   Organisations and relationships
  •   Contact information
  •   User defined structure
  •   Integration with Microsoft Outlook®
  •   Document management

Sales & Marketing

Effectively managing your leads, prospects and customer quotes is a key part of any sales-focussed organisation. Greentree’s Sales & Marketing module provides a range of tools for full sales cycle and campaign management, pipeline reporting, quote creation and automated invoice or sales order creation. With on-line access to inventory products, prices and availability, your sales staff will be able to create accurate quotes and automatically produce these using Microsoft Office Word® or Microsoft Office Excel®.

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Key benefits

  •   Sales cycle management
  •   Quotations
  •   Create invoices and accept payments with orders
  •   Conceptual products
  •   Composite products

Bookings Management

Comprehensive and integrated co-ordination of events or resource bookings can be a major challenge for many organisations. Greentree’s Bookings Management provides a flexible, easy to use and efficient solution for organisations that require co-ordination of events or booking of resources. Its total integration with other Greentree suites enable Bookings Management to handle all aspects of bookings, including confirmation letters and invoicing where applicable.

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Key benefits

  •   Invitation lists
  •   Bulk e-mail & mail merges
  •   Resource planner
  •   Financial management & profitability
  •   Direct quotes & invoices

Knowledge Base

Managing information and making it accessible to internal staff, customers and suppliers, is a challenge for all organisations. Greentree’s Knowledge Base module provides a framework for systematically storing information, and providing flexible yet secure access control, both internally and externally to that information.

Fund Raising

Fund Raising allows charity organisations that receive pledges and donations to capture whom the pledge/donation is from, what it relates to and the amount involved. It also allows for the processing of money received. Pledges and Donations can be revised ensuring a full audit trail of all revisions is maintained. This is performed with the use of a version number, which reflects the original Pledge/Donation.

We don’t see Greentree as an accounting system; we see it as an information system providing high visibility of literally hundreds of critical customer connections.

Jay Wester
Managing Director
Leap Australasia

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