Customer Case Study Videos

With the help of Greentree ERP software, businesses across multiple industries are overcoming everyday operational challenges - and coming out on top. These customer case study videos let them tell their story.


HVG relies on Greentree for accurate tracking of large volumes of orders through its nationwide chain of warehouses.

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Video Compass Housing

Compass Housing keeps on top of data and reporting requirements, and provides better support for its clients, thanks to Greentree.

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Concern Universal Case Study Greentree 2501

MatthewLake, COO of global charity Concern Universal, says Greentree helps to ensure vital donor accountability.

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Ocean Integrated Services Customer Case Study Greentree

Andy Erskine, Group MD of Ocean Integrated Services, explains how Greentree has helped the company to achieve phenomenal growth.

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Nilsen Group Customer Case Study Greentree

Greentree provides Nilsen Group with robust real-time information on large and complex electrical installation projects.

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Eastern Tree Services Customer Case Study Greentree

Eastern Tree Service uses Greentree to capture and distribute data in the field, ensuring accurate job costing and billing.

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Ryman Healthcare Growth Customer Case Study Greentree

Ryman Healthcare has grown tenfold since implementing Greentree, but the system has grown happily with the business.

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Paramount Services Business Success Customer Case Study

Paramount Services’ Finance Director, Bill Wu, says its Greentree system has played a major role in its growth.

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Mazda Nz Parts Customer Case Study Greentree

Mazda NZ created a customer focused parts management system that’s a new model for the auto industry.

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Matilda Equipment Customer Case Study Greentree

Matilda Equipment supplies heavy machinery, and relies on Greentree for real-time asset management and performance monitoring.

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Griffiths Equipment Warehousing Case Study Greentree

Griffiths Equipment's Greentree mobile warehousing system has virtually eliminated errors in picking and packing.

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Fire Fighting Pacific Responsive Customer Case Study

Fire Fighting Pacific explains how Greentree handles a wide diversity of work, so that every customer’s needs are satisfied.

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European Oat Millers Customer Case Study Greentree

European Oat Millers - Greentree will be a crucial platform as EOM moves into supplying cereal to the retail sector.

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Edwards Godding Customer Case Study2 Greentree

Edwards & Godding’s General Manager, Ed Sturgess, says Greentree’s functionality has been “a revelation” for the company.

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Griffiths Equipment 250 152
Griffiths Equipment

“Our business is a leader in its field because we’re nimble on our feet.”

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