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If you're looking for construction software the range of variables that come into play are incredible, as there’s nothing more certain in the construction and engineering business than uncertainty. Even the most simple construction or engineering project makes job costing, work flow management and financial modelling absolutely critical. Greentree is the solution of choice for those looking to make this very complex business, as simple as it can be. From managing your staff to ordering tea and coffee, Greentree delivers certainty in a world that is anything but.

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Resolve Group

A company that specialises in resolving tricky transport problems is one of the latest businesses making the move to Greentree.

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BGH Group

BGH Group is already big, and its growth plans require a system that expands with it.

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C & D Productions

Oil rig specialist C & D Production says Greentree will help to tackle big growth prospects.

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Since implementing Greentree almost 18 months ago, management at Armflame Pty Ltd, a gas & pipe installation company, has consolidated several quick returns on investment. With much greater data accessibility, the company now competes for more sophisticated, and thus more lucrative, tender opportunities.

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Alimak Hek

Alimak Hek liked the product, but asked: does the company stack up?

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Logo Intermodal

Intermodal Terminal Services

These rail infrastructure specialists didn’t need to think twice.

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Lyttelton Engineering

Lyttelton Engineering Ltd, a leading Canterbury marine and industrial engineering firm, was faced with the problem of replacing an antiquated financial system with as little disruption to ongoing business as possible.

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John Hart Pty Ltd

When you’re playing table tennis, seeing the ball should be simple. But if the ‘ball’ consists of a series of orders that are bouncing back and forth between various branches of your business, visibility can be tricky.

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The Davey Group

The vibrant mining, transport and agricultural sectors in Queensland Australia continue to drive growth and change in companies like The Davey Group, where the incumbent business system could be ‘patched’ no longer. Greentree was implemented to help the group evolve from a jobbing shop into a product-based organisation, while not losing the jobbing capabilities of the group.

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McCallum Bros

Raising an invoice each time a truck made a delivery simply wasn’t an option when on any given day, each truck might make 10 deliveries to the same customer. This had the potential to significantly increase administrative overhead and inundate their customers with one-line invoices, which is why Jane Chandler, Administration Manager at McCallum Bros. Ltd. opted for Greentree over any other system she evaluated.

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William Loud Logo

William Loud (Aust) Pty Ltd

The company that lays the courts for the Australian Open is creaming the opposition, with Greentree’s live information and total integration.

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Greentree assists Biogen to provide a major stream of renewable energy.

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Sun Engineering Logo

Sun Engineering

Sun Engineering (QLD) Pty Ltd has an ambitious growth strategy which bucks global trends. To ensure this wasn’t constrained by an antiquated accounting system, they sought to install a fully integrated high-performance business solution.

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HVG Logo

Halifax Vogel Group

Struggling with a system that simply wasn’t coping with the demands of increasing levels of complexity prompted a visit to a business software tradeshow where, on the face of it, at least 12 offerings could achieve what Halifax Vogel Group (HVG) CEO Bruce Rayment was looking for - sophisticated workflow capability.

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Maskell Productions Logo

Maskell Productions

When software salespeople enthusiastically answer “yes” to pretty much every question you ask, does it make you feel skeptical about what their offering can actually do and how much they intend developing from scratch? More importantly, it’s probably occurred to you that your business could be footing the bill for development that could be rolled out to every other customer.

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Biga Logo


Trying to fit the business model into a straitjacket-like system eventually got the better of one of Australia’s largest Construction and Allied industries apprentice training and education organisations, so they turned to Greentree for a ‘best fit’ accounting system.

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Ewing Logo

Ewing Construction

A business specialising in steel fabrication forges ahead, with Greentree sorting its job costing and reporting.

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Palfinger Logo

Palfinger Australia

Greentree’s ability to update large volume price lists was the key driver in the decision to make the quantum leap from a manual to an automated environment for this well-known crane manufacturer.

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The lack of a coherent job costing process in a 12-year-old DOS-based system had necessitated several experts in laying asphalt and other specialised road coatings at Roadways to seek deliverance from a new Business Management Suite. Salvation came in the form of Greentree’s fully integrated modular solution. The seal of approval was given to Financials, Job Cost, Payroll, Inventory and Transaction Analysis, which were all recently deployed.

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Gerrard Murphy Logo

Gerrard Murphy Plumbing

Since maintenance scheduling was integrated with CRM and Financials, dozens of plumbers at Gerrard Murphy Plumbing (Murphy Plumbing) are happily stemming the flow of water instead of drowning in a sea of paper. Informed management are now spending more time “managing the possibilities” which have come to light as a result of better access to and greater visibility of organisational data.

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Crosby Tiles Logo

Crosby Tiles

Crosby Tiles had a significant need for flexible unit-of-measure calculation within inventory management but the only offering that had all the angles covered was Greentree.

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“The standout value of Greentree for us has to be tree analysis, which enables us to determine in fine detail, the financial impact of any given scenario on revenue, profits and cash flows. This analysis capability, complemented by Greentree’s Excel reporting, allows us to monitor in extreme detail the profitability of each set and subset of our business.”

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