Businesses that work with Greentree are smart thinkers, constantly looking for new ways to grow, be more competitive and ultimately, be in total control.

Greentree businesses manage large urban and rural properties in the UK; deliver insurance and financial services in the USA; keep workplaces cool in sub-tropical Queensland; sell seafood to New Zealanders and to the world. Whatever they’re doing, they want to be the best. They’re hungry, obsessed, not limited by convention. And Greentree and our partners understand that drive to succeed.

Check out how other like-minded, smart-thinking companies have worked with us to prime their business.

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HVG Logo

Halifax Vogel Group

Struggling with a system that simply wasn’t coping with the demands of increasing levels of complexity prompted a visit to a business software tradeshow where, on the face of it, at least 12 offerings could achieve what Halifax Vogel Group (HVG) CEO Bruce Rayment was looking for - sophisticated workflow capability.

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Amalgamated Pest Control Logo

Amalgamated Pest Control

The largest Australian-owned pest control company, Amalgamated Pest Control Pty Ltd (APC) has decided Greentree is the software that will support its business growth. APC had used Attaché Business Software, tier 3 software, for over 13 years.

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Airfirst Logo


Beth Borzi, Administration Manager at Airfirst Pty Ltd, found salvation from the time-wasting inefficiency of disparate systems when Greentree eliminated the need for data re-entry.

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Armflame Logo


Since implementing Greentree almost 18 months ago, management at Armflame Pty Ltd, a gas & pipe installation company, has consolidated several quick returns on investment. With much greater data accessibility, the company now competes for more sophisticated, and thus more lucrative, tender opportunities.

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Biga Logo


Trying to fit the business model into a straitjacket-like system eventually got the better of one of Australia’s largest Construction and Allied industries apprentice training and education organisations, so they turned to Greentree for a ‘best fit’ accounting system.

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Border Express Logo

Border Express

Australian interstate transport and distribution services company Border Express had a paper-based system where invoices were sent around various departments for manual signoff. With no tools in place to keep track of what had been approved across the company’s 12 sites, matching purchase orders with invoices was an unnecessarily drawn-out process.

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Community Based Support Logo

Community Based Support

An interdependent community where all people can participate to their potential and achieve maximum control of their lives is the vision of Community Based Support South Inc (CBS), which provides in-home and community-based personal support and respite care for frail older people, people with a disability and their carers in Southern Tasmania.

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Crosby Tiles Logo

Crosby Tiles

Crosby Tiles had a significant need for flexible unit-of-measure calculation within inventory management but the only offering that had all the angles covered was Greentree.

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Davey Group Logo

The Davey Group

The vibrant mining, transport and agricultural sectors in Queensland Australia continue to drive growth and change in companies like The Davey Group, where the incumbent business system could be ‘patched’ no longer. Greentree was implemented to help the group evolve from a jobbing shop into a product-based organisation, while not losing the jobbing capabilities of the group.

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Envite Logo


If ever the expression “can’t see the forest for the trees” was more apt, it’s in this case. When the efficient management of environmental projects got bogged down in 3500 general ledger codes, Greentree showed the way.

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Gerrard Murphy Logo

Gerrard Murphy Plumbing

Since maintenance scheduling was integrated with CRM and Financials, dozens of plumbers at Gerrard Murphy Plumbing (Murphy Plumbing) are happily stemming the flow of water instead of drowning in a sea of paper. Informed management are now spending more time “managing the possibilities” which have come to light as a result of better access to and greater visibility of organisational data.

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Gmhba Logo


Greentree was the software of choice for one of Australia’s Hospital Benefit Funds, GMHBA Limited, when it decided to upgrade its CBA Financial system. Streamlined reporting via the ‘impressive’ integration between Greentree and Excel made the decision to change reasonably easy.

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Hipp Logo

It was the ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ nature of’s software which management discovered was doing evil things to its cost overheads.

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Hydrosteer Logo


It was a case of ‘eyes wide open’ when management at Hydrosteer, a specialist steering and technical service company, made the informed decision to implement Greentree last year. Hard on the heels of a rogue accounting system implementation was a visit to a software trade show, where they were surprised to learn about the many possibilities before deciding Greentree was the best possible fit.

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Incat Logo


This large, fast, record-holding catamaran builder delivers its public and military passengers to their destinations in the comfort and warmth of its sleek, modern vessels every trip without fuss or incident. The same could not be said about the multiple disparate systems which were struggling to support the business in near ‘perfect storm’ conditions.

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Infocus Logo


A Greentree solution helps Infocus Wealth Management save half a day every week, while giving the Group Finance & Administration Manager peace of mind at the end of the month.

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Integrated Automation Logo

Integrated Automation

For Australian automation products supplier, Integrated Automation, the decision to adopt EDI didn’t so much arise from a set of problems, as present itself as an opportunity to improve.

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Jlf Group Logo

JLF Group

JLF Group of Companies has been a long-term user of CBA. As its property development business grew, and with the introduction of compliance reporting of GST in Australia, JLF felt it needed a new financial system to manage its growth, the high volume of inter-company transactions, and GST functions.

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Kenneth Ayres Logo

Kenneth Ayres

For over 25 years, Kenneth Ayres Australia Pty Ltd has been a specialist and leader in the sale of retail presentation packaging and display supplies, focusing primarily on the jewellery industry.

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Leap Logo

Leap Australasia

When this NZ-headquartered water systems company launched its innovative polybutylene plumbing system into the Australian market, it leapfrogged its competitors by five years.

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Leckys Electrical Logo

Lecky's Electrical

Melbourne-based Lecky’s Electrical and Data has grown to become one of Australia's most successful electrical component wholesalers. Since 1990, the company has expanded to open a total of five Melbourne outlets, along with one in Albury in regional New South Wales. Lecky’s presently has a base of over 1,000 regular customers and to cater for their varying needs, Lecky’s stocks over 40,000 different inventory line items, a number which is growing exponentially.

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Lutheran Education Logo

Lutheran Education

Organisational needs often change over five years. Software packages often can’t handle an organisation’s changing needs. But five years after Lutheran Education Queensland (LE Q) installed Greentree, accountant Julie Rogers is still a proponent of the accounting package.

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Marias Pasta Logo

Maria's Pasta

The growth of pasta manufacturer, Maria’s Pasta, has been fast and constant over the last 20 years. Since 1989 Maria’s Pasta had relied on CBA to manage the financial and distribution data, but its growth dictated the need for a new system.

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Newfishing Logo


When they embarked on a major overhaul of their disparate systems, the main goal for Newfishing Pty Ltd and Austral Fisheries Pty Ltd was not trading integration for flexibility.

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Newspoll Logo


Newspoll is Australia’s leading provider of public quantitative market research services and opinion poll information. With offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, the company provides high-quality information that is accurate, reliable and timely.

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Pacific Marine Batteries Logo

Pacific Marine Batteries

Pacific Marine Batteries decided it needed a new accounting system, as its incumbent system, Platinum, was outdated, had limited support and was a mass of add-ons. Financial controller Kenneth Andersen decided the company needed an integrated solution to simplify the finance team’s job.

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Palfinger Logo

Palfinger Australia

Greentree’s ability to update large volume price lists was the key driver in the decision to make the quantum leap from a manual to an automated environment for this well-known crane manufacturer.

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The Pa People Logo

The PA People

When we inherit responsibility for someone else’s business software decisions we usually want to change everything, right? Usually, yes. When David Goodwin took over as Group Financial Controller at The PA People, he was pleasantly surprised to find that Greentree, the business management software he inherited, wasn’t actually broken, so he had no reason to ditch it.

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Print Blocks Logo

Print Blocks

With several hundred stock items being updated each month, this entirely online business turned to Greentree’s WebStore and inventory management capability to streamline the web sales process. In less than 12 months, the company has achieved some significant efficiency gains.

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Roadways Logo


The lack of a coherent job costing process in a 12-year-old DOS-based system had necessitated several experts in laying asphalt and other specialised road coatings at Roadways to seek deliverance from a new Business Management Suite. Salvation came in the form of Greentree’s fully integrated modular solution. The seal of approval was given to Financials, Job Cost, Payroll, Inventory and Transaction Analysis, which were all recently deployed.

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Rocky Bay Logo

Rocky Bay

Founded in 1938, Rocky Bay provides Clinical, Employment, Work Alternatives and Accommodation Services for over 1,000 children and adults with disabilities. As a large and long-established non-profit organisation, Rocky Bay has a responsibility to provide its stakeholders, the State and Federal governments and numerous fundraising groups, with accurate and timely information.

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Southern Cross Healthcare Logo

Southern Cross Healthcare

The evergrowing need to provide services and ‘a great place to live’ for ‘yesterday’s pioneers’ has seen Southern Cross Care become one of the largest aged care provider in Australia. In the last 10 years it has seen a 600% growth rate and each year builds 4-5 additional facilities.

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Stahmann Farms Logo

Stahmann Farms

If your business has a manufacturing, processing or growing component to it, then the significance of Quality Control can never be underestimated. The cost consequences of a product recall and the associated loss of reputation in your market could be potentially disastrous.

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Sun Engineering Logo

Sun Engineering

Sun Engineering (QLD) Pty Ltd has an ambitious growth strategy which bucks global trends. To ensure this wasn’t constrained by an antiquated accounting system, they sought to install a fully integrated high-performance business solution.

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Technika Logo


They say a happy user is the best salesperson. And after European appliance importer and distributor Technika installed Greentree earlier this year, financial controller Trevor Porter is a huge proponent of Greentree.

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Toyota Logo

Toyota Technical Center

In June 2003, Toyota Motor Corporation announced a major investment in automotive engineering design through the creation of a Technical Design Center for the Asia Pacific region. They chose Greentree to help them breathe life into their vision.

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John Goss Projects Logo

John Goss Projects

If you lived in a tropics-like location within a short distance of Australia’s stunning Gold Coast where you could surf all day or just lie idly around on the beach, would you want to spend almost a week getting your end-of-month accounts out? Hardly!

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John Hart Logo

John Hart Pty Ltd

When you’re playing table tennis, seeing the ball should be simple. But if the ‘ball’ consists of a series of orders that are bouncing back and forth between various branches of your business, visibility can be tricky.

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Alvin Electronics Logo

Alvin Electronics

For Melbourne-based Alvin Electronics, Greentree helps to maintain its competitive edge in a very tough market.

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For Melbourne-based Alvin Electronics, Greentree helps to maintain its competitive edge in a very tough market.

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Eastern Tree Services Logo

Eastern Tree Service

When Cyclone Yasi swept through Queensland in February 2011, Eastern Tree Service’s crews spent two months working to clear away the debris. So-called ‘hazard work’ is just one of the services this company provides.

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Dynea Logo

Dynea Australia and New Zealand

When formaldehyde is a key ingredient of the products you’re making, you can’t afford to take risks. That stuff is not only dangerous; mistakes can be really expensive. A cleanup could cost $100,000.

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Carers Logo

Carers ACT

For the 43,000 people in the ACT looking after a family member or friend with a chronic condition, a disability, a mental illness or who is ageing, reliable information about services to support their caring role is vital.

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William Loud Logo

William Loud (Aust) Pty Ltd

The company that lays the courts for the Australian Open is creaming the opposition, with Greentree’s live information and total integration.

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Mona Logo

Museum of Old and New Art

The Museum of Old and New Art, an innovative museum, entertainment and functions complex, draws flocks of tourists, and Greentree keeps tabs on its multi-faceted business.

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Kerric Logo

Kerrick Industries

Innovative cleaning solutions company Kerrick Industries prides itself on fitting every customer’s needs, and Greentree ensures its customer service and warehousing are spotless.

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Sisters Of Mercy Logo

Institute of Sisters of Mercy of Australia and PNG

They number over 1000 people and provide services to over half a million; they own or rent more than 900 properties in two countries; their Greentree system services some 30 sites. Who are they? An organisation driven not by profit, but by compassion, and a commitment to improving lives.

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Epic Logo

Epic Employment Service

A leading source of support for job seekers believes its client service sets it apart – and its ERP system is crucial to that quality of service.

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Logo Intermodal

Intermodal Terminal Services

These rail infrastructure specialists didn’t need to think twice.

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Logo Planet Innovation

Planet Innovation

Planet Innovation is growing rapidly, and wants a business system that keeps pace.

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Matilda Logo

Matilda Equipment

Matilda Equipment’s ERP system helps to move mountains.

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Fsg Australia Logo

FSG Australia

A not-for-profit has big expansion plans, and an ERP system that expands with it

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Oxfam Shop Logo

Oxfam Shop

Oxfam Shop’s ERP system helps open up new sales channels.

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Interaust Foods Logo

Interaust Foods

Foodstuffs importer Interaust gets a bumper crop of benefits.

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Tandex Logo


Water treatment specialist Tandex depends on Greentree to manage vital service checks.

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Sj Displays Logo

SJ Displays

SJ Display Group has chosen Greentree for its slick warehouse management and business intelligence capabilities, to prime itself for future growth.

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Neca Logo


Greentree’s total integration will charge up NECA’s financial management.

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Oppenheimer Logo


Greentree helps Oppenheimer’s plans to lead in a mushrooming consumer market.

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Parr Aircon Logo 175px

Parr Air Conditioning

The weather tends to be cool in Tasmania, but one local business is hot to trot – with Greentree’s help.

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Mechanic Epic
Epic Employment Service

“Greentree is stable and reliable. I don’t lose any sleep over whether the pay will get processed when it needs to be.”

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